Dr. Mikhail Getman

Dr. Mikhail Getman

Partner, Medical/Scientific

Phones: +7 495 230 02 90

Michail responsale in RMI Partners for medical and scientific assessment of investment projects.

He has almost 30 years of extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry: from legislative and regulatory activities to management of companies and projects.

Mikhail was the Vice President of Pharmaceutical Operations in NovaMedica from 2012 to 2017.

Previuosly he held management positions at Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies from 1991 to 2004. From 2004 to 2007 he was an advisor to the Head of the Federal Service of the Russian Federation for Supervision in Healthcare and Social Development. In this capacity, he oversaw issues concerning the launch of the DLO (the first Russian drug reimbursement system), and also reforms to and improvements in administrative practices. Mikhail drafted approximately 20 administrative regulations in the area of healthcare and social development. Under his management an internal audit service was introduced at the Federal Service for Supervision of Health and Social Development, and a range of anti-corruption measures were implemented. In addition, at this time the service developed and implemented an innovative mechanism aimed at eliminating certain governmental control functions.

Mikhail has managed the development and launch of nine pharmaceutical products, and more than 10 technology transfer projects. At present Mikhail is also a Senior Research Fellow at Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy (SPSPA), where he is supervising a joint science project together with Bern University (Switzerland).

Mikhail holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (cum laude) (1986) and PhD in Pharmacy (2002) from Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy.