Binx Health

Stage of funding:Current
Technology Area:Diagnostic
Company's status:Private


Binx Health is creating new categories of healthcare solutions that deliver on-demand testing to people where they need it most. With its proprietary, desktop, PCR-based point-of-care testing platforms and consumer mobile offerings, the company is redefining “convenient care” for the modern consumer. Binx is developing a suite of offerings that service healthcare needs where people live, work and shop.

The Company’s io® platform is designed to offer rapid PCR-based results, up to 24-plex, from sample-in-to-answer in about 30 minutes, greatly accelerating today’s multiple day standard-of-care central lab testing paradigm.  Binx is driving solutions to take place in retail clinics, supermarkets, primary care offices, and at home. It does it through a suite of mobile and digital offerings.

Binx Health investors includes financial investors, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Novartis Venture Fund, LSP Venture Capital, BB Biotech, RMI Investments and Technology Ventures Partners and strategic investors, Consort Medical (who’s wholly owned subsidiary Bespak are the makers of the company’s low-cost, proprietary multi-plex cartridges) and China-based Wondfo Biotech.


  • 20 May 2013

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